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Finding the right property is key to making your goals a reality. Wheather it is your dream home, business or other investment, property that is financed/mortaged by an institution will require an appraisal of the property. Even if the property is being aquired though personal funding (cash purchase) an assesment will help ensure the investment will meet your buiding needs if it is purchased.

Land Decision provides its clients with time-saving research on vacant properties by performing the due dilligence often required to make a informed purchase decision. Project costs consist of various elements including legal, onsite conitions, permitting zoning, use, proposed infrastructure and of course time to research each one. Often this work is reffered to as a "feasability study" which is extremely detailed, costly and time consuming. These studies are conducted by investment, consulting or development companies (usually for large-scale projects); however, the scope of work provided through Land Decisions, LLC is geared towards serving clients that are interested in personal investments in single-family/duplex residential housing, small commercial or agricultutal business. Our Property Reports are affordable given the basic, yet important information provided and time to prepare them. They are also a great solution for those who may not be able to personally inspect the property due to physical or distance limitations. 


Land Decision serves the following counties in southwest Florida: Lee, Sarasota, DeSoto, Charlotte, Highlands, Collier, Glades and Hendry. The Property Report options will describe the scope of work provided for each property type and pricing. Upon selecting the appropriate Property Report option(s), there will be a section where specific questions (i.e how the property can be used or developed) can be provided to ensure its applicability on the property is suitable or not.               


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