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Reports & Pricing 

Small and large property reports include the following information:

  • Existing field conditions (photos, lot size, elevation, FEMA flow ways, trees/vegetation, waterbodies, wetlands, protected species, debris, and soils)

  • Natural Hazards (Flood zones, storm surge and fire risk)

  • Utilities (availability, distances, power, sewer, water, gas, phone, internet, and cable)

  • Building restrictions (zoning, building setbacks, size/height restrictions, secondary structures, driveways, and landscape requirements)

  • Easements (types on and off property and roadway ownership)

  • Liability (local/state violation history or liens)

  • Solid waste (garbage, recycling collection requirements/days and hazardous waste)

  • Civil resources (schools, fire Dept, police Dept., mail, veteran affairs, places of worship and hospitals)

  • Recreation (parks, boat ramps, civic centers, and stadiums)

  • Political governance (City council, County Commissioner, and Florida District representative)

  • Climate (average temperatures and precipitation)

  • Transportation (buses, bicycling, trails, and airport)

  • Fees (property taxes, HOA and civic association)

Waterfront reports include the following information (ordered seperately from property reports):

  • Photos

  • Depths

  • Approximate mean high water line

  • Waterbodies

  • Dock and shoreline permitting information

  • Protected vegetation and mamals

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